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Powerflush is a cleansing process, which aims to remove sludge and debris from new and existing heating systems.  

The time taken to powerflush a system varies depending on its size and condition. It is recommended to powerflush before installing a new boiler to protect and extend the system’s life.


Signs you need a powerflush include cold spots on radiators; excessive noise from the boiler or the heating pump; discoloured, sludgey water from the system when you bleed the radiators, and the radiators taking a long time to heat up when the boiler is switched on.


The process is clean and safe when done by a professional and can quickly eliminate cold radiators, noisy boilers and pumps; restoring your heating system to the condition it was when new.





Hot Water Cylinders

There are a wide variety of showers available and we can help select the right one for you. There are two main variants.


Electric showers.  

These can be used within any domestic water system. They are connected directly to the cold water main and have a good operating pressure. They contain an element within the shower that heats the water as it passes through the unit providing an unlimited supply. They work independently from your boiler.


Thermostatic Mixer Showers.

These are connected to both hot and cold water supplies and incorporate a thermostat that can be adjusted to the desired temperature. They will sense any dramatic change in temperature and rectify the situation. These do not require an electricity supply and are better suited to conventional boiler systems.



There are 2 types of protection filters to consider.


A sludge removal filter is a magnetic filter that fits into your system and cleans the water running through it. The sludge that can build up in the system is held by the magnet until emptied, preventing it from passing through the boiler and reducing the risk of damage.

Many boiler manufacturers now recommend the inclusion of a system protection filter in their installation instructions.


The other type is for protecting against water hardness. If you live in a hard water area, scale damage can cause real problems with boilers, showers, taps etc and fitting a scale inhibitor reduces the risk. They are slim inline filters that can usually be neatly installed in line with the pipework.


Boiler Protection Filters

Many houses in the UK have un-insulated hot water cylinders, which allow heat to escape unnecessarily. Fitting an insulated hot water cylinder will reduce the rate of heat loss and help maintain the water temperature in the tank for longer. Heat loss from the tank can be reduced, saving you money on your energy bills.


If water pressure is an issue, you can consider installing an unvented hot water cylinder. These provide powerful, mains-pressure hot water and high flow rates that are ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms or existing pressure problems.